Jaywant Patil

Education - BE Electronics + MBA in E-Business.
Work Experience 8 years in IT industry. Practicing Organic Agriculture since 2010

After being a part of Nirman, an initiative started by revolutionary social activists Dr. Abhay and Dr. Rani Bang in Gadchiroli in 2010, Jaywant chose organic farming as a chance to do something more meaningful in life. For 4 years he managed his job in IT during the week and the farm on weekends. He then gained conviction about farming being a dignified and economically viable source of livelihood. Soon he bid farewell to the lucrative IT profession and charted his way to the hinterlands of India to make a difference in the lives of the rural farmers.

Malvika Gaekwad

Education - BE Information Technology
Work Experience 1.5 years in IT industry. Practicing Organic Agriculture since 2013

Malvika started Organic Farming as a hobby in 2013. It has been a paradigm shift for her, who until November 2015 was cozily placed, working as a software engineer in a MNC in Pune. Giving virtual solutions to virtual problems in the IT world did not fulfil her purpose of life. Now she is working towards getting a fair price for farmer's produce by different means of marketing. Committed to group farmers together, bound by the passion to go organic to alleviate their economic situation, leverage their timeless wisdom and certainly deliver better returns.

Sanjay Deshpande

Education - BE Computer Science + MS Computer Science.
Work Experience 8 years in IT industry.

Sanjay is a founding member of Uniken and also heads the innovation center. Passionately working towards nutrition security. Prior to setting up Uniken, Sanjay has served leading organizations in various capacities.